How to Configure Event Forwarder Webhook for Panther

This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to use the event forwarder with Panther.

Panther schema configuration

Panther requires an ingestion schema to ingest log data. An example schema is provided Here

Download the example schema. In the Panther console, under Configure / Schemas, click "Create New" and give the schema a name, such as SpyderbatR0.

Paste the contents of the example schema in the text box. Validate the schema, then save it.

Panther log source configuration

Configure a log source in Panther. In the Panther console, under Configure / Log Sources, click "Create New" and select "custom log formats."

Next, click "Start" under the category for HTTP logs.

Give the source a name, e.g. Spyderbat Forwarder on HOST_NAME (32 chars max)

Select the Custom.SpyderbatR0 schema created in the previous step.

Set the auth method to Bearer and click the refresh button to generate a bearer secret. Then copy the secret.

NOTE: Once you leave this screen, the secret cannot be retrieved again; It must be replaced.

Click the "Setup" button.

The bearer secret must be converted to base64. An easy way to do this with the Unix shell is to type:

echo -n YOUR_SECRET | base64

Keep this base64 secret handy for the webhook configuration step.

Event forwarder configuration

Edit the /opt/spyderbat-events/etc/config.yaml configuration file.

Configure your API key and org UUID

spyderbat_org_uid and spyderbat_secret_api_key must be valid. Note that API keys are scoped to a user and not an org; It is recommended to create a service user in the Spyderbat UI, grant it access to the appropriate org, and generate the API key for the service user. API keys expire after 1 year; Plan ahead to keep the key updated.

Add a filter expression such as the one below to capture relevant data

expr: |
    schema startsWith "model_spydertrace:"
    and suppressed == false
    and (
        (score ?? 0) > 50
        or len(policy_name ?? "") > 0

Add a webhook configuration

Your panther source will have an HTTP Ingest URL associated with it. Retrieve it and the secret you created earlier on, and add the webhook configuration:

  endpoint_url: PANTHER_INGEST_URL
  compression_algo: zstd
  max_payload_bytes: 500000
    method: bearer
      secret_key: YOUR_BASE64_SECRET

Save config.yaml file and restart the event forwarder:

sudo sytemctl restart spyderbat-event-forwarder.service

Tail the logs to check for errors:

sudo journalctl -fu spyderbat-event-forwarder.service

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