Install the Nano Agent

Once you have successfully logged into your organization, the next step is to install the Nano Agent

Installing the Spyderbat Nano Agent is a requirement for using the multitude of security and operations features that Spyderbat has to offer.



  1. Install the Nano Agent on a Standalone VM - This installation path is tailored for setting up the Spyderbat Nano Agent on a standalone Virtual Machine (VM). Follow the comprehensive steps provided in the link. This approach is ideal for environments with one or more persistent VMs requiring the security and visibility offered by the Nano Agent.

  2. Install the Nano Agent across a Kubernetes Cluster - If you are working with a Kubernetes Cluster and wish to deploy the Nano Agent across the entire cluster, refer to this installation path. This installation path is designed for environments utilizing Kubernetes orchestration, allowing for the automatic deployment and management of the Nano Agent across multiple nodes within the cluster.

For organizations with both type of environments, there is no issue installing some Nano Agents via option 1 and some via option 2.

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