Install Spyctl CLI

Spyctl, an open source CLI tool, allows you to view and manage resources within your Spyderbat environment.

Source code:

The initial step in utilizing any software package is ensuring its correct installation, so let's get started by walking through the installation process for Spyctl.


  • Python 3.8 or newer

Installation Command

To install Spyctl, simply run this command in your terminal of choice:

pip install spyctl

To verify the installation:

spyctl --version

Enabling Shell Completion

To enable shell completion, follow these steps:

The default version of Bash for Mac OS X users does not support programmable shell completion. Guides like this will help you install a newer version of Bash.

Create the Spyctl directory if you haven’t already.

mkdir -p ~/.spyctl

Generate the shell completion script.

_SPYCTL_COMPLETE=bash_source spyctl > ~/.spyctl/spyctl-complete.bash

Add the following line to the end of ~/.bashrc.

. ~/.spyctl/spyctl-complete.bash

After modifying the shell config, you need to start a new shell in order for the changes to be loaded.

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