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August 7, 2023

Organization onboarding checklist to guide new users through Spyderbat console and facilitate building good UI navigation habits.
Release Summary:
  • Organization Onboarding Checklist
To facilitate the organizational journey through Spyderbat console upon initial user sign up, Spyderbat is introducing Organization Onboarding Checklist add-on feature that will help navigate essential tasks and guide the users through key functional areas of the console. This guided journey will help the users familiarize themselves with the platform features and functionality, understand the practical side of setting up the system for their monitoring needs, and become more confident with consuming the data through the Spyderbat UI.
Once the user logs into the console, they will be able to see their organizational task tracker in the upper right corner of the screen:
Tasks are split into two groups: basic tasks under “Getting Started” and more advanced tasks under “Do More with Spyderbat”, and are tracked on the Organization level. They may be completed out of order by any user in the Organization, provided the user has adequate permissions. To see all tasks, you need to click on the tracker bar and expand the pop-up window.
Instructions and links to respective knowledge based articles are provided within relevant tasks and can be accessed by clicking on a task in question:
The Organization Administrator has the ability to manage tasks in the checklist based on the Organization’s security and deployment objectives by hiding irrelevant tasks from other users’ view:
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