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August 15, 2023

Spydertop UI, Payload for DNS Connections, Admin section improvements, higher search accuracy, better naming conventions in Kubernetes view, and new container image name facet.
Release Summary:
  • Spydertop tool is now available in the UI
Please refer to our article on Spydertop tool to learn more about its functionality and operation. While you can continue using Spydertop as a CLI tool, it is now also available in the UI:
  • Added a Payload field for DNS Connections and successfully pulled in payload data:
  • Admin section landing page updated to Organization Management page instead of Notifications:
  • Container Image Name facet added to the facets selection in Kubernetes section of the UI:
  • The labels in the process causal graph were updated to include K8s context (Namespace, Pod, and Container). The additional fields are only displayed if the user is investigating K8s objects:
  • Improved search accuracy for K8s objects allowing to search for all of them by name and other properties
  • Improved naming of the pods and containers in the Kubernetes view
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