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How to setup AWS SNS for Spyderbat Dashboard Search Notifications

Learn how to configure AWS SNS for Spyderbat Notifications.
Published: November 11, 2021
1. Log into the AWS console.
2. Select the AWS region drop-down and choose the region for your SNS topic. If you don’t have a preference, choose us-east-1.
3. Enter SNS into the search box at the top of the management console, and click on Simple Notification Service.
4. In the menu on the left, click Topics.
5. Click “Create Topic”
6. Create the topic.
a) Choose a Standard topic type (1), enter a name for the topic (2), and leave encryption disabled (3). (Note: Encryption can be used, but requires additional configuration of cross-account IAM roles beyond the scope of this document.)
b) Set the access policy. Choose basic (1), then allow AWS account 931035645866 access to publish to the topic (2). Select “Only the topic owner” for subscriber access (3).
c) Leaving other settings as default, create the topic.
7. The topic is now created. Make a note of the ARN, which you will configure as the Topic ARN for your Spyderbat search notifications.
8. You may now create subscriptions (e.g. email, SMS etc…) in AWS for the topic you have created, for more information on creating subscriptions, see the following AWS document.
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